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Every Artis Wall™ plank comes with a code stamp on the back. Input your code here and find out where your reclaimed wood came from. Every plank has a story…what’s yours?

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Every Plank Has History

Artis Wall™ planks come with their very own piece of history. Crafted from authentic, reclaimed wood, each Artis Wall™ plank was originally part of a barn or structure from around the country.


We gather our reclaimed wood from old barns and structures around the US and craft it into Artis Wall™ planks with a patented installation system which is easy to install, remove and reuse in any room.


Not only can you transform your plain walls into beautiful focal points, but Artis Wall™ can also be used in a variety of locations and rooms around the house. All this in a project that can be done in minutes. These are the ultimate reclaimed and reusable wood planks.


Tell a story with your wall while also bringing new life to your room. With an easy installation and removal process, there is no reason to hesitate in purchasing Artis Wall™

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