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Why Artis Wall®?

Artis Wall® was created with the goal of bringing popular wall decor trends to homeowners and renters by designing a product that’s simple to install, easy to remove, and doesn’t damage your wall. We found current wall decor options are either not authentic, stressful to install, or damage your wall upon removal. Artis Wall® is here to change that!

Artis Wall® is a brand of Waddell Mfg. Co. founded in 1879. The experienced product development team at Waddell created Artis Wall as an alternative to reclaimed wood wall decor that is better than the rest.


Artis Wall Reclaimed Wood Panels: Spice Up the Look of Any Wall

Perfect for those who want to add color to their homes without the hassle of ruining the walls…

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How Home Décor Could Change Because of What This Company Is Doing

Businesses are realizing that they need to be more environmentally conscious than ever before.

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21 Cheap And Easy Decorating Tricks For Renters

Your home doesn't deserve to be as boring as your landlord.

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Artis Wall®

Artis Wall are thin and lightweight planks made of wood from old barns and buildings in the US. The included adhesive strips make for easy installation.

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Artis Wall Reclaimed Wood Accent Panels

Artis Wall is an awesome alternative to permanent reclaimed wood accent walls that are a beast to install.

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The 'Artis Wall' Wall Planks Create a Rustic Accent Wall in a Snap

The accent wall has permeated the home decor world for quite some time…

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Artis Wall – Removable and Reusable Wall Planks

Artis Wall is revolutionizing the way decorative wall coverings will be put up in the future.

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Decorating ideas for renters

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a lax landlord, personalizing your rental property in any way that permanently alters…

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Install a barn wood wall in an hour, thanks to Falls company’s new product

Imagine installing a barn wood wall in an hour or so.

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Artis Wall Utilizes Reclaimed Wood Planks

Artis Wall is an American made wood accent wall that uses reclaimed wood planks.

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Can you create a reclaimed wood accent wall in under an hour?

With Artis Wall, homeowners can put up a backsplash or accent wall quickly and easily.

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Install a DIY Accent Wall

A wall covered with planks of reclaimed wood looks rustic and stylish, and now there's an easy way to install one.

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Waddell wood components diversifies with Artis Wall Kickstarter campaign

Waddell Manufacturing, an Ohio wood component supplier in business over 100 years

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Artis Wall Wood Planks

We all like that rustic feel. It has a way of soothing us and calming us down.

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A Farewell to Damaged Walls

Are you tired of damaging your wall whenever you remove photo frames or wallpapers to make a difference to the interior of your home?

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Artis Wall Wood Planks

If you’re looking to give your home a warm and rustic feel without spending a fortune in the process…

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Artis Wall® only takes minutes to install using our patented installation method. You won’t need any expensive tools or contractors to put this wall up. It’s so simple, anyone can do it. We pride ourselves on having the most simple and smart way to create beautiful accent walls. On the back of each plank, you can find a clear strip that attaches to the white A.I.M.™ Strips, which applies to the wall and is removable.



Artis Wall® fits into one of the most sought-after interior design trends: rustic-chic, which combines the warm and rustic feel of reclaimed wood with a modern living space. Artis Wall® gets your home one step closer to this incredibly popular and beautiful design.



Artis Wall® is easy to put up, take down and transport to other rooms without sacrificing your security deposit or drywall.



Artis Wall® planks come in various lengths, are lightweight, and easy to work with. This allows for a wide range of applications and wall layouts. The lightweight nature of the planks also allows for easy cutting with a utility knife to create the perfect fit.



Every Artis Wall® plank comes with its very own piece of American history. Crafted from authentic, reclaimed wood, each Artis Wall® plank was originally part of a barn or old building from around the country.

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