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Removable + Damage Free = Rental Friendly

Our patented installation method allows for the planks to be easily installed, removed and reused in any room. Artis Wall™™ will cause no damage to your wall when it is removed. When you choose to move, your reclaimed wood wall moves with you. It is the perfect decorating solution for renters & home owners alike. For the first time, if you change your mind about where you would like your reclaimed wood wall installed, you can simply take it down and re-install it with ease.

Every Plank has a story

Not only is Artis Wall™™ easily removable & reusable but it has real American history. All of our reclaimed wood comes from barns and structures across the U.S., allowing our customers to put a piece of history in their home. Each Artis Wall™™ plank comes with a code stamped on the back that you can enter into our website to learn about your walls past. While other “Peel & Stick” competitors offer reclaimed wood walls, they do not let their customers in on the history behind their walls. From an 1800’s era horse barn in Kentucky to weathered snow fencing in Wyoming, every Artis Wall™™ plank has a story to tell.

Free Shipping

With free shipping on every order, from samples to the many variations of planks that Artis Wall™™ offers, order your new wall today! Reclaimed wood walls are a great way to show American heritage and we would like to share that history with you!