Artis Wall Original 5-inch

  • $279.00
  • ($13.95/sq ft)

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mike sferrazza

Artis Wall Original 5-inch

Anthony D.
Can't believe how easy this was!

My wife thinks I'm a hero. She was sure this was going to be a difficult project that would take all weekend. The instructions were very easy (I also watched the install video). The Velcro strips went on the wall quickly, and the wood planks stuck to them with no issues. In fact, the velcro is really strong! No need to worry about these coming off the wall from someone bumping them. Our project was beautiful in the end!

We would buy again

We love this product! Have used it 3 times now and have a couple pointers. We place the velcro strips about every 8 inches vs. the 10 inches described in the instructions. We also found it much easier to use an electric saw to cut the planks. The Velcro makes installing the planks super easy!

Zane F.
Perfect For Renters

Perfect for renters! I recently moved and had to take down my Artis Wall. Was nervous at first as I hadn't moved it in over a year. As I was pulling down the planks I started peeling the Velcro off the wall and couldn't believe that it didn't even hurt the paint! No damage to the wall and I got my security deposit back!

Easy installation

Exactly what we wanted. Did opposite walls in an industrial design. Created the warmth and sophistication that we wanted. Easy installation!