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Removable Accent Walls

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Find the height and width of your wall in inches and use our easy calculator to determine how many square feet of Artis Wall™ you will need to purchase.


Follow the quick and easy instructions on the How It Works page to prep your walls and install the Artis Wall™ planks in just a few short minutes.


Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your modern yet rustic, real reclaimed wood wall. Artis Wall™ will adhere to your wall for as long as you want it to.


If you ever need to remove Artis Wall, simply remove the planks and peel off the A.I.M.™ strips from your wall. Artis Wall™ leaves no marks and will not damage your walls.

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Every plank has a Story

We gather our authentic reclaimed wood from old barns and other structures around the US and craft them into Artis Wall™ planks. Our patented installation system allows for the planks to be easily installed, removed, and reused in any room.

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“I put a section of Artis Wall behind my TV that hangs above my fireplace. It took less than an hour to install and has been a topic of conversation with every guest we have over since!…”

Chris W.

“We couldn’t be happier with our Artis Wall installation. Nicely packaged, easy to install, end result looks amazing. The only challenge now is to decide where else in the house to add this wonderful product. Thank you Artis Wall!!”


“ArtisWall is a GREAT product! Easy to install & rearrange or remove without damage to wall! My one recommendation would be to use tape strips 5″ apart instead of 10″.”


Get your samples today and find out why Artis Wall™ is the best option for your interior design project.

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“Home decor has changed for the better because of this.”Inc.
“For a luxurious look, try these removable and reusable wooden planks.”BuzzFeed
“The planks are also removable and reusable and won’t damage your walls.”The Awesomer
“This removable, reclaimed wood accent-wall product is the best I’ve seen of this popular trend.” of shorten to “…The best I’ve seen of this popular trend.”Chip Wade

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the amount to order?

Multiply the height (ft) times the width (ft) of the surface area you are covering with ARTIS WALL™. Divide that number by 20 to determine the number of boxes to order. Make sure to round up to the highest quantity for full coverage.

Are ARTIS WALL™ planks actually made out of wood?

Yes! ARTIS WALL™ planks are made from authentic reclaimed wood from barns, buildings, and snow fencing across the US.

Can I hang a picture on the planks?

Yes, you may hang pictures if your fastener goes through the plank and into the stud wall behind your drywall. ARTIS WALL™ planks are not designed to be weight bearing.